We have received an email from a long term tenant that has advised they will be vacating on the Notice to Leave that we have issued them for rent arrears. Unfortunately this does happen and we as an agent can only ensure that you as an investor are kept up to date at all times in regards to your tenants and your investment property.

Circumstances do change for people and in some circumstances this is out of the tenants control eg losing their job, death in the family.

We check our rent arrears daily and the Property Managers ensure they contact the tenants that are at default via phone, text message, email and of course letters and appropriate notices.

We do all we can however there is no 100% guarantee that a tenant will not default in rent.

We do recommend to all of our clients that they obtain landlord insurance in the instance that this situation may happen to them.

It is not a great situation to mention or discuss but it is reality.

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