“Browns Plains Real Estate have been our Property Managers for over 9 years now and we have found them to be nothing but professional, reliable and very experienced at what they do. Living over 1000klms away from our Rental Property we very much rely on Browns Plains Real Estate to not only look after our investment but also look after what was once our family home which also involves an emotional attachment on our part. Not only can I phone them any time with a query but I have the confidence in them that when something is to be repaired they have highly qualified Tradesmen to call on and we know that the job will be done to a high standard. From a Landlords point of view the most important thing that we look for is a good tenant who will pay their rent on time and apart from normal wear and tear, not damage the property. In the nine years that we have been with Browns Plains Real Estate we have been very happy with the tenants that we have had and in choosing new tenants we very much rely on Browns Plains Real Estate to advise us and in the end we go with their first impressions, back ground checks and most of all their gut feeling. How did we choose Browns Plains Real Estate? While living in Brisbane before getting ready to move I was trying to decide which Real Estate to call and happened to be talking to my neighbour, who happened to be renting a property through Browns Plains Real Estate. They had nothing but high praise for them from a tenant’s point of view, as every 4 months they did inspections, any problems that arose were fixed up properly and most of all, all the staff were very friendly to deal with. We have never regretted our decision to go with Browns Plains Real Estate.”