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Get Your Property Leased With Our Rentals In Hillcrest Services

If you’ve recently bought property with the intention of leasing it out, or you’re looking to replace a tenant who has given you notice, we’ll help you generate and maintain the income you need for investment success. We offer rentals in Hillcrest, Drewvale, Jindalee, Springfield, and Slacks Creek, so call us today to take your property from vacant to occupied in no time.

What You Can Expect From Browns Plain’s Real Estate Regarding Rental Properties in Hillcrest

Our agency has been in operation since 1994, and during this time, we’ve gained the local knowledge to best promote your property. We provide clients with a comprehensive service where we take care of the processes involved in renting out your real estate.


  • Residential rentals: We’re skilled at renting out multiple roomed homes to tenants who have families and need more than one bedroom. Our business developer is an ardent agent who will turn interest into signed agreements. 
  • Rental inspections: We bring potential tenants one step closer to sealing a deal with you through our online inspection booking feature. Making it easy for occupants to connect with us in this way makes a good first impression that creates and maintains interest. 
  • Maintenance: Clients have the option of paying for tenant placement only or placement and maintenance. With the latter, we effect the necessary and authorised repairs so that you don’t have to worry about sourcing suppliers and quotes and the upkeep of your asset. 

What Sets Browns Plain’s Real Estate Apart Regarding Rental Properties in Hillcrest

We’re not only in the business of selling and renting property, we’re in the business of building relationships. Building customer loyalty is how we get repeat clients and referrals, and how you get added value in the following ways:


  • Free appraisal: The tendency is to overvalue the asset that you’re trying to lease out or sell, either because of the sentimental value attached to it or because you’re pushing for a high return. Based on our industry knowledge and experience, we’re able to moderate client expectations while remaining committed to getting you the best deal on your property. 
  • Local knowledge: We’re familiar with the Regent’s Park, Queensland area and surrounds and knowing where amenities are and the benefits of living at a certain location, we’re better positioned to market your property. 
  • Notice of intention to leave processing: Being the owner of a rental property is like running a company where besides collecting the monthly rental, your paperwork has to be in order to remain compliant. We offer assistance with form 13 applications, and the processing of notices issued with or without grounds and within the timeframes agreed on in writing. 

Why Trust Browns Plains Real Estate Regarding Rental Properties in Hillcrest

The agency’s principal, Neil Giles, has 20 years of industry experience, and the agency has been in existence since 1994. Besides having won awards for his achievements in the field, satisfied clients have endorsed the agency’s past performance.

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